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1080 Cliveden Ave #13 Delta, BC V3M 6G6

We’re open Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. – 7:30 p.m. PST

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Please read our FAQ before sending us a message.

[accordion-item title=”What are the delivery charges for orders from the Online Shop?”]

Delivery will be all over the Canada

[/accordion-item] [accordion-item title=”Which payment methods are accepted in the Online Shop?”]

Currently we are not accepting any credit/debit card. We are accepting only E-transfer.

[/accordion-item] [accordion-item title=”How long will delivery take?”]

Usually it will take 3-5 business days sometime it can be delayed.

[/accordion-item] [accordion-item title=”What exactly happens after ordering?”]

We will process your order and you will get an confirmation email over your registered email with shipping information.

[/accordion-item] [accordion-item title=”Do I receive an invoice for my order?”]

Yeah, you will receive the invoice into your email.

[/col] [col span=”6″] [title text=”Send us an email”]

    This is form is just for demo purpose. No inquiries will be answered.

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